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Gardell by Graciana

Organic Elegance.

The "Organic Elegance" aptly describes the original jewelry produced by Gardell by Graciana. The artistic creations of semiprecious stones and gems are a personification of Gardell’s designer and owner, Graciana Rodriguez Vitalie.

Born into an Argentinean family of physicians and artists, Graciana was valedictorian of her medical school class and became a physician. Her inherent artistic instincts soon overpowered her love of medicine, so she directed her efforts towards jewelry design. This passion for art led Graciana to open Gardell Designs in October of 2005.

Having traveled the world, living in three countries (Argentina, Italy and the United States), and being fluent in three languages, Graciana has incorporated her multicultural experiences into her design. The Gardell by Graciana collection is a compilation of international influences.

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