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Like many people in my adopted town of Naples, I had not paid a lot of attention to the likelihood that Hurricane Ian was heading our way. I was far more focused on our house and the probability that we would be without power.
In the years since I arrived in Naples we have been hit with 3 hurricanes: 2004 Charley, 2005 Wilma, and 2017 Irma. I dodged the bulk of Charley and Wilma’s harm, however, Irma was another story. Despite all of our preparation for Irma, we were not ready to unlock the door and see the sky. The flat roof of our cute 1950’s building peeled off and was sitting in the back parking lot. Thankfully, a team was available to reconstruct and repair and we were open by Thanksgiving.
Ian, however, is a completely different story, our fate was not so fortunate. Since the storm took its time lashing our dear town hovering over for what seemed like forever at not only high tide but a “King Tide”. Our house was okay thankfully, but there is no shortage of bad news for others in our neighborhood.
The shop took on 42” of water, picking up and turning on its top, the antique display case weighing 650 lbs (dated 1850 from Chicago, Il). Needless to say, everything in the shop with the exception of the most valuable, our inventory, is gone. You can almost flatten us but, the same stuff that made Naples will bubble back up.
We are working diligently to re-open and in the meantime the website has been updated with lots of new inventory, please check it out. We also figure now is a great time to transform your older jewelry at the bottom of your jewelry box into new pieces you will enjoy everyday.
Please call 239-919-8091 to schedule an appointment with me, I would love to see you!

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