Carolina Wickenburg Hand-Sculpted ‘The Heron’ Pendant


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18k Yellow Gold

Hand sculpted by Carolina Wickenburg

Limited Edition Series: Only 175 made and are all numbered. This one is number 98/175.

Size Large 27-30mm

The Egyptian mythological symbols on this pendant represent different aspects of the Sun’s power. The Heron which is also a messenger of the gods in Greek and Celtic myth, represents the rising sun, it symbolizes the determination to wade through the deceptive and seemingly endless marshlands of life without getting lost in them. In flight, it represents the beauty and clarity of a new dawn, heralding the new day. The eye of Ra is the Egyptian sun god’s feminine counterpart, a fierce, protective being imbued with the strength and qualities of the lioness. Finally, the lotus flower embodies the sun’s power of renewal, its cycle of death and rebirth. The Greek word aeon alludes to the eternal nature of the sun’s power. The Heron also symbolizes strength, purity, patience and long life in other ancient cultures…