Carolina Wickenburg Hand-Sculpted ‘The Mermaid’ Pendant


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18k Yellow Gold

Hand sculpted by Carolina Wickenburg

Limited Edition Series: Only 175 made and are all numbered.

Size Large 27-30mm, Size Medium 23-25mm, Size Mini 17-19mm

Large is 102/175.

Medium is 101/175.

Mini is 101/175.

The mermaid holds a diamond in her extended hand.

INSPIRATION. the Siren’s Song: Mermaids have always enchanted us, perhaps because they remind us of our atavistic connection with the otherworldly depths of the ocean, where our species’ ancestors swam and frolicked eons ago. And there is nothing quite as freeing as that first plunge into the sea. Something about this mysterious world and these mystifying creatures draws us in, as if trying to reclaim us from the mundane cares of the lands we have been exiled to, like the sirens who lured sailors with their seductive songs.