Carolina Wickenburg Hand-Sculpted ‘The Owl’ Pendant


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18k Yellow Gold

Hand-sculpted by Carolina Wickenburg

White Diamond eyes

Limited Series Collection: Only 175 are made and each piece is numbered. Number 107/175.

Size Medium 23-25mm

Throughout many ancient cultures, the owl has represented wisdom and foresight. Its nocturnal vision has made it a symbol of clear insight and prophecy; as the companion of Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, the owl has also come to symbolize the study of philosophy. The poppies in the corner of the pendant represent sleep and access to the insights of the dream world ruled over by the god Morpheus in the Greek tradition. This strong and fragile flower is also known to survive forest fires using ashes and heat to persevere. The word Επιμονή written vertically on the left written in Ancient Greek means persistence/ perseverance.