Heavenly Vices Hope Anchor Spinner Love Token


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Spinner jewelry was popular in the Victorian Era, commonly seen with multiple intaglios on a spinning mechanism or a two sided disk with a message that revealed itself when the disk was spun.  We have taken this concept and paired some of our favorite, thematically related love tokens together to form both sides of a spinner.  They are beautiful but also therapeutic!

Hebrews 6:19 – We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
The use of anchors to symbolize steadfastness and hope date back as far as the first century AD, during the period of Christian persecution by Romans, when it was used to guide the way to secret meeting places where they could pray and worship in secret. Anchors were very prevalent in Victorian jewelry, either on their own or paired with a heart, with the cross portion of the anchor representing Faith, the whole anchor representing Hope and the heart representing Charity or Love. Religious symbolism aside, the anchor is one of the most coveted symbols in antique jewelry, so when I found these two, I knew they needed to be together forever.

Pendant details:
-Sterling Silver 19th century coins
– Bezel/ Bale 14k Yellow Gold
– 53 1mm diamonds
– Approx 0.265 ctw