Heavenly Vices Mama Horseshoe Love Token


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Motherhood was considered to be women’s highest achievement throughout the 19th century, and was idealized as the ultimate emotional and spiritual fulfillment.  While this notion is quite out to date, we all know the important role our mothers played in our lives, and how much they gave up for us.  There is much folklore and legend around horseshoes, with the upward facing horseshoe inviting and retaining good luck into their homes, and the downward facing horseshoe symbolizes luck flowing out of the home.  In the case of this love token, we think the horseshoe was allowing the luck to flow from mother to child – the ultimate act of kindness that we all know our mothers would do for us if possible.

This love token is on a US dime, approximately 17.3 mm in diameter and is set in a gold and diamond bezel with bale.