Heavenly Vices Mama Lock Stories Necklace


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The centerpiece of the new Heavenly Vices Lock Stories Collection is a  14k, three-sided combination lock on an 18″ belcher chain with each side of the lock representing the same sentiment in a  different language – the Roman alphabet, Victorian symbols, and Braille (which was also  created during the Victorian era).  When the letters and symbols are lined up to reveal the  secret message, the lock will open; the secret  messages scrambled secure the lock on  the wearer’s neck.

This is the third of our locks – MAMA – which has four symbols of items traditionally  representative of motherhood.  Inspired by our vast collection of love tokens, incorporating symbols on the lock and then to other traditional symbols used in the Victorian era and ended up with a swallow, compass, acorn and moon.

Swallow – Widely used in jewelry in the Victorian era, Swallows were symbols of  everlasting love and faithfulness, something the luckiest of us receive from our moms.

Compass – Much like our Mamas, compasses can always be relied on to help us navigate  our way when we are lost, no matter where we are.

Acorn – Acorns, the humble seed that grows into a mighty oak tree, is commonly used as a symbol of strength, something we all look to our Mamas for from time to time.
Crescent Moon – Crescent moons represent motherhood and fertility, changes of the  moon as it waxes and wanes a parallel to the creation of new life.